15 Mei 2012

Download BB FlashBack Pro 3 Full Version

BB FlashBack Pro 3 is the software used to record the activity when using a computer, can be used for tutorials, training, presentations, demonstrations also the recording quality is pretty good and clear.
BB Flashback

Features BB FlashBack :

· Recording
· Record and replay movies of your screen
· High-performance FlashBack recording technology
· Record sound through microphone
· Capture all sounds played by PC
· Auto-setting of Windows graphic effects for best file size and performance
· A variety of recording modes, to get best performance from old and new PCs
· Automatically change screen resolution during recording
· Hide desktop icons while recording
· Keystroke logging
· Hotkey control
· Record continuously and save only last few minutes
· Playback
· Thumbnail previews for easy navigation
· Playback at 1/2, 1/4, 2x or 4x speed
· Search through movie for text
· Media Player style controls and navigation
· Zoom function
· Send movie by email
· Keystroke display
· Exporting
· Export to Adobe Flash
· Export to AVI
· Export to Standalone EXE
· Export to WMV
· Export to MS PowerPoint
· Full control over export file size and quality
· Selectable codec for AVI export
· Media Player style controls embedded in Flash exports
· Range of playback control designs for Flash movies
· Create/edit HTML templates for web-ready movies
· MS PowerPoint plugin and support
· Set custom frame rates
· Export sound to MP3


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